Hi, I'm Lydia, I'm from Serbia. When I was little, my father told me that his only wish is for me to live a happy life. I told him that I don't care about being happy, I wish to work hard and be great. I have a billion unanswered questions bothering me on daily basis. My mind never sleeps, therefor, neither do I. One day I would like to be a surgeon, and I'm not afraid to study as hard as I have to for it. I'm not afraid of sacrifice and hard times if they lead to ambition and success. For that reason I am viewed by others as a somewhat cold and heartless person. Though I don't believe that to be true. I simply keep my feelings to myself, and occasionally set them free here. Quoting the brilliant Jane Austen, 'I am half agony, half hope.' I put people I love and their problems before myself, and I don't mind it. I wish I could help everyone. But sometimes, I need to escape life and all it's troubles, that's when I come here. I created this blog as a common place of all the things that inspire me and keep me going. I hope you will like it. I like to keep things clean and honest. I love handwritten anything, and I like to listen to post-rock while I read. I hope to get away from here one day and live my life somewhere else. I track the tag #hailey crain. You have a friend in me.




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